Children And Pets: A Perfect Mix Under Watchful Eyes

Dogs are not only welcome guests at Marine Park but encouraged to visit as often as possible.  Marine Park recognizes that dogs need a place for fresh air and to stretch their four legs and the spacious Brooklyn grounds provides the perfect destination for dog lovers.  Of course, not all park users will have dogs in tow and it is important to preserve the harmony between dog owners and other park patrons as well.  To this end, please observe the following guidelines to ensure that every park-goer enjoys their day at Marine Park: Note the various designations regarding particular areas of the park – Marine Park grounds can be classified in one of four ways.

  • “No Dogs Allowed” designates an area as a dog free zone.  This means no dogs whatsoever, even if your pet is kept on a short leash.  This is done to protect children, the park’s natural resources and your dogs alike, as well as preserving an undisturbed field of play for the various recreation activities Marine Park offers.  These zones are most common in bathing areas, Direct TV, swimming pools, playgrounds, fountains, athletic courts, ball fields and zoological facilities.
  • “Dogs Must Be Leashed At All Times” indicates that dogs are welcome in this area, but are not free to roam at will.  Feel free to trot your dog around just as you would on a standard walk throughout the city.
  • “Dog Run” is an area that has been fenced in specifically designed to promote doggie exercise.  Leashes can be removed inside this zone with no worries as Dog Runs are regularly checked to ensure proper drainage, safe plant life among other dog health conscious standards.
  • “Designated Off-Leash” areas allow for dogs to move freely as long as they do so in a controlled manor.  To take advantage of this designation, dogs must have proof of proper vaccination and licensing.  Remember, off-leash zones are a privilege and good behavior must be maintained in order to preserve this freedom.

Dogs who act beyond their owner’s reasonable control (or perhaps owners who act beyond their dog’s control) may be asked to leave the park at any time.  Remember to always pick up after your dog and enjoy Marine Park responsibly.

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