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For dog-lovers looking for a little supplementary income, or perhaps just a great way to get some exercise and an extra handful of walking around cash, dog walking can not only serve as a hobby but a job. And, considering unemployment figures over the past few years, any work is hard to come by. Though dog walking may not provide a comfortably livable income, for students, individuals who work during non-daylight hours, or those with a partner earning the lions-share, it can be a great way to make some extra money. Of course, getting started can be a tricky, if you don’t know any dogs besides your own. The following steps should have you well on your way:1. Self-assessment Do you feel in control dogs of all sizes? Can you handle a larger posse of dogs at once or are you only able to walk one or two dogs at a time? You will need to figure out the answers to these types of questions before you find yourself in over your head, with dogs walking you rather than the other way around.2. Get supplies The one or two leashes you have for your own dog will not suffice if you intend on a walking more than dog. Not to mention, it’s best to have a few backups on hand in case your go-to leash is lost or misplaced, in order to ensure you won’t lose any business or sour client relations with a missed appointment. A stockpile of various treats can also be a dog walker’s best friend.3. Network Be on the lookout for dog-centric groups you can join or attend with your pup, as this can be a great way to get to know fellow dog owners, if you don’t already. If you live in an apartment complex or residential community, check with the office to see if they know of any residents in need of dog walking services. Putting up fliers in your local dog park and surrounding area certainly never hurts either.

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