NYC’s Marine Park: Fido’s Favorite Outside Interactive Play Date

NYC’S Marine Park: Fido’s Favorite Outside Interactive Play Date

New York City has some of the best parks in the United States, many of them are pet friendly and have sections set aside just for our four legged friends. New York City’s Marine Park is no different; it actually is very pet friendly with several sections allowed specifically for dogs. In the dog run section of the park there are interactive displays as well as dog friendly plantings. These areas have a fence around them to ensure safety for your pet. For the off-leash areas of the park, dogs can run freely off leash however their owners will need to make sure that they can control their animal, they also must carry proof that the pet has had its rabies vaccination and that the dog has been licensed. Pets are not permitted in areas that have signs stating that there are no pets or dogs allowed. These are often areas such as playgrounds (for children of course), swimming pools, bathing areas and ball fields.

Spending time outside is a great way for you and your pet to get some much needed fresh air and exercise and by following a few simple rules your first visit to the dog park will not be your last.

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