New Owners: What To Expect At The Dog Park

When you get to the dog park make sure that you are watching for bulletins telling you the rules and expectations for the area. Most dog parks have designated areas that are clearly marked for how they are to be used. You need to adhere to these guidelines or you may be jeopardizing the parks sustainability.
Such as:

Be aware that within a dog park there are some areas that dogs are not allowed, along with some areas that require the dog to be on a leash. Then there are the dog runs, this is a fenced in area that owners can take the leash off the dog and allow them to run free. Lastly, you may see some areas that are designated as to being off-leash. Keep in mind that you will have to maintain control of your dog at all times when in these areas.

There are a few pieces of documentation that you will have to have handy in case you are questioned. One thing you will need is to have your license for the dog along. The other peiece of paper that is important is proof that the dog is up to date on his rabies vaccinations.

By following these simple guidelines both you and your pet should enjoy the dog park.

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