Tips on Keeping Your City Dog Healthy

Your dog is a city dog and that’s fine, but do you know how to keep him safe and happy at all times of year? Whether you’re at Marine Park or Central Park there are a few considerations you should keep in mind when owning a dog in the city:
Keep Vaccination Records Handy: Particularly if you’re planning on taking your dog to a dog park, keep a collar tag or paper print outs ready. That way, if your dog is in an altercation or even wants to play with a skiddish owner you’ve got proof he’s vaccinated.
Get a Good 24-Hour Vet: They’re located all over town (use your internet to find one in your area) and it’s as easy as storing a number in your phone. If there’s an emergency you don’t want to waste precious time looking up directions.
Manage Foot Care: Your dog’s feet are going to be far more tattered than that of a suburban dog so you need to take more care. Ask the groomer to condition and file and take it upon yourself to check your dog’s feet each night for debris or anything toxic.

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