Best Kept Dog Walk Secrets In And Around NYC

One of the greatest pleasures of pet ownership is that there is a real companion always available to walk anywhere and anytime for any reason. Dog walking is not only great exercise, but a wonderful stress reducer and a great way to meet other pet owners as well. All too well great romances and friendships started on a day in the park, walking the dog.

For those embarking on pet ownership, it would be a great idea to start at the local pet adoption agencies in New York. Those such as Animal Care and Control, Mighty Mutts, and Golden Retriever Rescue are good places to begin to find that faithful and loyal animal friend. From there, careful training and overall care will be well rewarded.

For the avid dog walker, it is best to carry a “pooper scooper” and plastic bag along for the walks. It is also recommended to take two leashes in the event that one should break suddenly, and seek out pet friendly parks and walking venues that will make the experience more enjoyable.

Marine Park in Brooklyn, NY is a great place for walking the dog. It has a beautiful flora and fauna walking trail, lots of places to stop and simply appreciate, and it is indeed pet friendly.

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