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Children And Pets: A Perfect Mix Under Watchful Eyes

Dogs are not only welcome guests at Marine Park but encouraged to visit as often as possible.  Marine Park recognizes that dogs need a place for fresh air and to stretch their four legs and the spacious Brooklyn grounds provides the perfect destination for dog lovers.  Of course, not all park users will have dogs [...]

Proper Pet Nutrition-Useful Tips To Keep Fido Healthy

Like every human, dogs need proper nutrition to keep them healthy and feeling great. But with so many different products and treats available, how do you know what’s best for your furry friend? First, there’s the choice between wet and dry food. For the most part, it really depends upon your dog’s preferences. Dry food [...]

Off Leash Fun In The Park: Remember The Details

Taking your dog off leash in Brooklyn’s Marine Park can be great fun for the dog, but rules need to be observed. First, it’s important to only allow your dog to run free in designated areas. This is for both your dog’s safety and that of the general public. You should also be sure that [...]

On Leash, Off Leash, What Is The Deal Here?

On Leash, Off Leash, What is the Deal Here? Dogs and parks go together like peanut butter and jelly. Dog owners in urban areas are quick to find a park or two that they and their dog can enjoy. One of the best ways to ensure enjoyment of a dog-friendly park is to make certain [...]

Popular Pet Friendly Hangouts In The Metro NYC Area

There are a number of pet friendly hangouts throughout the metro NYC are, these locations are very popular among the pet owners who take their pets to them. There are a number of various activities, and fun locations you may not have thought of. You would want a friendly hangout for you pet, that you [...]

Best Kept Dog Walk Secrets In And Around NYC

One of the greatest pleasures of pet ownership is that there is a real companion always available to walk anywhere and anytime for any reason. Dog walking is not only great exercise, but a wonderful stress reducer and a great way to meet other pet owners as well. All too well great romances and friendships [...]

How To Select Your Professional Dog Walker

There are a few different aspects of hiring a professional dog walker that you should consider before trusting your precious pet to just anyone. You will want to have the dog walker come to your house and meet your pet to make sure that the person is able to handle your dog and to be [...]

Tips on Keeping Your City Dog Healthy

Your dog is a city dog and that’s fine, but do you know how to keep him safe and happy at all times of year? Whether you’re at Marine Park or Central Park there are a few considerations you should keep in mind when owning a dog in the city:Keep Vaccination Records Handy: Particularly if [...]

New Owners: What To Expect At The Dog Park

When you get to the dog park make sure that you are watching for bulletins telling you the rules and expectations for the area. Most dog parks have designated areas that are clearly marked for how they are to be used. You need to adhere to these guidelines or you may be jeopardizing the parks [...]

Rescuing Your Best Friend From A NYC Area Shelter

Rescue your best friend from a NYC Area Shelter. You’d be surprised at what you can find at an animal shelter, from cats and dogs to rabbits and more. The benefits are numerous and most rewarding. Animal shelters like the NYC area shelters aim to find loving animals permanent homes, as well as provide you [...]