Basic Dog Rules and Regulations

Leash Length: Permissible leashes are no longer than 6 feet long in order to guarantee adequate control over your dog at all time. A leash is required to visit the park, even though certain areas provide for a leash free environment. Dogs may not be tied to benches, fences, trees or light poles.Other Animals: Your dog must not only act congenially around fellow dogs but also avoid the temptation of chasing or disturbing the park’s wildlife, including squirrels, birds, etc. Marine Park prides itself on being a hospitable environment for not just dogs, but all animals.Owner Responsibility: You and you alone are responsible for your dog’s actions. Never leave your dog unattended. Many park visitors choose not to have a dog or may even be allergic. Keep your dog away from the personal space of others unless they ask specifically to see or pet your dog. Owners are also responsible for the proper disposal of any excrement that may come from their dog, ensuring a clean, slightly and hygienic walking space for everyone.Respect the Environment: Just as you would the furniture in your home, try to keep your dog from chewing up or eating the plant life. There should also be no drinking water from fountains unless it is clearly marked as a dog drinking fountain. This is just as much a concern for your pet’s safety as it is for maintaining the park’s image.Meet State Requirements: All dogs in the state of New York must receive rabies vaccinations. Proof of vaccination is required in any public domain in accordance with the New York City Health Code. Owners who do not have the proper paperwork in their possession may be subject to a fine.

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