Pounding The Pavement In Winter: Protecting Those Precious Paws

During the cold months of winter, especially in areas like Maine and New York, people become concerned not only about themselves but their pets as well. Dogs take the brunt of cold weather in the winter as they are being walked outside and have needs that they need to attend to in the cold. There are ways to protect the feet of dogs in the winter and they are simple to do.
Dogs should be kept inside as much as possible when it is cold. Unless they need to go use the bathroom outside try to keep them warm so their paws are not damaged by freezing temperatures. Snow can create ice balls on the feet of dogs in the winter. To prevent the snow and ice from sticking to paws, a small amount of Vaseline can be applied to the pads before they go outside. This will create a slippery surface on the paw so snow will not stick as easily. If dogs have to go out for a walk there are boots and socks that people can purchase for their dogs to wear. These keep the dog’s feet warm and prevent snow and ice accumulation on the pads since the feet don’t come in contact with the harsh winter weather.